Poem in the voice of Frank Chin


Do Not take my Masculinity

It is as real as those gun

slinging cowboys you watched

on tv when you were young.

If you force feed me the traits of the wan,

weak, wistful Chang-Er on the

moon waiting for her lover I will just

about shout and stomp and break

your marble column. And don’t

give me that Disney Fa Mu Lan Shit.

Too long have I watched you

Stroke your silver hair

into blonde, then have them

dye it back to black.


Me— I am the Hyphen.

Watch me outfit for war.

Watch me wield the truth against

those who are impostors.

Watch me exorcise the clouds

from the great yellow sky called

America. I am part of your

canon. One day I will blast forth

and banish any comparison

between me and you.

I am Different. I do not fake

my history. I am Authentic.

I am as American

as the Chinaman.


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